Milan: Physical

Exploring the Physical in a Virtual World

A theme highlighted in MIX Magazine, the fusion of handcraft and tech is expertly explored in Physical, an exhibition during Milan Design Week by Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk at ZonaK Via Spalato11. Physical is essentially a quest to give shape and substance to an object through work that includes light sculptures, a collection of bronze objects, mechanic constructions inspired by Meccano, pieces cut from steel and a table sculpture that aims to question the values and worth of the product industry and craft. “Researching, experiencing and creating with your own hands is the best way to gather knowledge,” explains Kiki and Joost, adding: “This is the reason why babies experiment with physical principles. They obviously feel the need to play with physical things and are not able to live in a purely virtual world. The physical act may be very present in the final result and actual existence of objects in an exponentially growing virtual world.”