STOP PRESS! You can now purchase MIX Magazine Original Images

Mix Magazine Images

You’ve been asking, and we’ve finally got there! 

MIX Magazine Trend: Monitor

To celebrate our 50th Issue we are now offering unique images from our archive for purchase.

MIX Magazine Trend: Candy

Over the years our creative team have imagined, styled and a photographed the gorgeous images that direct and inspire you from within the pages of MIX Magazine.

MIX Magazine Trend: Glade

Each image was created to express an element of one of our colour and trend stories, and each one is an inspiration and story unto itself.

MIX Magazine Trend: Abyss

Our trends have explored every mood imaginable, from the whimsical to the austere and the synthetic to the crafted, plus hundreds in between, so we were inspired all over again when we saw them together and know you will be too.

MIX Magazine Trend: Veil

For the first time, a collection of our most innovative and impactful photographs are now available for purchase for use in a range of formats and sizes.

MIX Magazine Trend: Tender

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Be inspired, and imagine what you could create on our MIX Magazine Images showcase page.