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Editor’s Pick: In Praise of the Minimal Hound

Tamsin Kingswell shares what's on her mind this month

Minimal hound
Unread messages at Aram

Unread Messages at Aram

Like us, The Aram Gallery in London is fascinated by the way technology affects the way with think, act and behave.

Raw concrete from caeserstone

Raw Concrete from Caeserstone

In our recent panel meeting there was a lot of talk on concrete, especially for domestic use…

Golden hues

Golden Hues

We are excited to see that Dulux have revealed their colour of the year for 2016, Cherished Gold.

Abyss table

Furniture: The Abyss Table

Picking up on our MIX Trend Abyss (Autumn Winter 2016/17), London design studio Duffy explores the dark depths of the ocean with The Abyss Table.

Thread patterns: Bloom by Jun Murakoshi

Bloom, by Japanese designer Jun Murakoshi, is a collection of blown-glass vessels with small grooves cut into the edges…