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To the Max

In this extract from the latest issue of MIX Magazine, Elspeth Gray thinks its time to embrace a little excess with designs that aren’t afraid to make a bold statement.

Blame Marc Jacobs, Lanvin and Gucci. Despite a resolutely dissimilar aesthetic, there is a commonality in the detailing prevalent across all these big fashion names. Whether you prefer phrases like Catholic, maximalist, dense or detailed, there’s a richness of surface detail, magnified by hidden meanings, amplified, decorated, dazzling, a visual kaleidoscope.

Much of the impetus for this trend can be laid at the door of Gucci’s most recent collections. The designs are rich with flora and fauna motifs, fragmented collages and unexpected whimsy, a giant ladybird say, or a snake, parrot or tiger. Crucially there are also clear references in the current Gucci collections to interiors, so no surprises that overt embellishment is now creeping into design…

Read on in issue 43 of MIX Magazine, available in shops and online now.