Introducing a Fresh Face for Issue 50

MIX Magazine

MIX Magazine launched back in 2004 with a clear remit; to inform its readers about all aspects of trends and colours, from the overarching directions of our trend reports to the subsequent forensic dissection of special market sectors. While the magazine has changed radically over the years, this central remit has remained the same; to deliver  accurate and insightful colour guidance.

Over the years we have worked with and featured on our pages the best and brightest people with a passion  and knowledge of colour. This magazine celebrates their contribution,  from those we have interviewed, to members of our global panels who have shared their insights on colour trends with us.


Synthesising this information, we aim to continue to bring intelligent and often scientific analysis to bear, refuting the sometimes rather fluffy image of trend forecasters with solid research and technical know how. Moving forward into our next 50 issues, this is how we aim to develop and grow, by delivering coherent and measured colour solutions to all our readers. Click through for issues and subscriptions 

Tamsin Kingswell