Editor’s Pick: Luxury Craft

MIX Magazine Trend Drivers


In our trend for AW 2017/18 Grace, we chart the rise of subtle elegant and refined craftsmanship as a key driver for this coming season.

Christopher Jenner

This trend was much in evidence at London Design Festival, where a slew of launches celebrated these values. Particularly strong was the work of British designer Christopher Jenner and his Epicurean silver collection launch, in collaboration with heritage British silverware brand E&Co.  The designs keenly reflected Jenner’s vision of elevating everyday experiences through the beauty of craft.

The New Craftsmen

Also of note was Common Parts by ever inspiring The New Craftsmen, a collection of furniture and accessories made in the UK centred around five pieces; Plank, Stumpy, Trunk, Stick and Peggy. And yet another was Lichen X Jesmonite, an installation by Zuza Mengham and Seb Camilleri at London Design Fair, inspired by lichens (yet another driver for Grace). A new series of sculptures combined lichens with jesmonite to create objects with sculpture colours and abstracted patterns.

Zuza Mengham

As we noted in Grace, the strand that links these different projects is not raw artisanship, just the opposite, this is technical perfection from the hands of highly trained crafts people. The seductive mix of high quality and consequent protection from casual copying on the high street means that this trend looks to run and run.