Degree Show Talent

MIX Magazine Editor Picks

Photo credit: Adrianus Kundert van Nieuwkoop, Ripening Rugs ©Design Academy Eindhoven Photo: Mischa Haller

When it comes to colour and new ideas, often the most exciting and inspiring work we see is by new talent. This is how it should be; degree shows should be by their very nature an unrepeatable opportunity for designers to experiment and play, unfettered by the requirements and constrictions of industry. And the standard so far this year has been extremely high; at Central Saint Martins, fine art graduate Lucy Breton’s work stood out for her consummate use of colour and exploration of layers, while Ekaterina Semanova at Design Academy Eindoven experimented with milk products, exploring their potential in design. It was also hard not to love University of Art & Design Halle’s Judith Fassbender and Benjamin Schief and their little metal pagoda, covered in what looked like Spanish moss, designed to promote good mental health. I particularly liked the idea of Eindhoven’s Adrianus Kundert Van Nieuwkoop’s Ripening Rugs where, as the rugs are worn, new colour, pattern and texture are revealed underneath (pictured). There will be more on new talent in the next issue of MIX Magazine, where we will select our top ten new colourists. We are really interested in what our readers have to say on this subject; if any young designer using colour in an innovative way catches your eye, do get in touch, either through social media or email at We look forward to hearing from you.