Retroflow Analysis: Burnt Yellow

Colour Analysis

OMK 1965

Reminiscent of egg yolk, this rich yellow with just a hint of orange brought warmth to cooler colours in the Punk palette (Autumn Winter 2017/18). Reflecting Punk’s subversive relook at bling, we see the colour working well for Slide’s Queen of Love armchair, designed by Moro & Pigatti, as well as OMK 1965’s classic 1972 design Omkstak, with its polka dot effect chair and back support. Looking forward into 2018 and beyond, we see the orange in this colour strengthening and becoming earthier, a dominant direction until 2019, with a noticeable absence of a strong yellow in the first part of 2018. However the colour does return in a more lemon like form in the Autumn of next year.



Slide by Moro & Pigatti