Colour Expert: Studio Sabine Marcelis

Seeing Glass

With clients including Céline, Isabel Marant and Repossi and representations including Etage Projects in Copenhagen and Mint Gallery in London, Studio Sabine Marcelis is already something of an open secret, much admired for product, installation and interior design. The Dutch/New Zealand product designer is now based in Rotterdam after graduating from Eindhoven, and, while her understanding of form and function is impressive, its Marcelis’s application of colour that interests us. Take the recent Offround Hue, the latest addition to the Seeing Glass collection, in collaboration with Brit Van Nerven, an ongoing study into optical effects created with glass, colours and multiple layers of tone. Offround Hue is a series of hand drawn shaped mirrors that play with form, shape and most importantly colour, prompting questions about reflections and surrounding space.