Colour Decoding Why It Works: Vispring & Missoni

Vispring x Missoni Mattress

Colour lovers invariably have a soft spot for Missoni, unsurprising when you consider the intense, diverse and complex colour palettes the brand is known for. So it was hard not to admire the Harrods Art Partners campaign, teaming British luxury bed maker Vispring with Missoni Home, on show in the cult department store earlier this month. Maybe it’s the unexpected vibrancy of a product that invariably comes in white or cream, or maybe it’s the impact of Missoni’s emblematic fabrics including the rainbow like Sienna (pictured) that seems to directly reflect our own trend Candy. Whatever the case, it’s the sheer fearlessness of saying ‘Plum, scarlet, turquoise for a mattress, why not?’ that makes this collection really work