Colour Decoding Why It Works: Enigma

Colour in Architecture

RCR Arquitectes were commissioned by Catalan chef Albert Adrià to design the interior of an ‘out of this world and enigmatic’ new restaurant project located in Barcelona, Spain.  Collaborating with Neolith® by TheSize, manufacturer and designer of Sintered Stone, the result is an extraordinary immersive environment that delivers an almost out of body experience.

Architect Pau Llimona drew a watercolour painting in the size of two A1-sized pieces of paper, which formed the basis for the design applied to the floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchen worktops, cabinetry and air extraction systems, ambitiously replicated on sintered stone using digital printing decoration technology NDD (Neolith Digital Design). The architects wanted every slab to be of irregular texture like Neolith’s Riverwashed, but with a subtle shine to provide a surface that was also appealing on a multi-sensory level. “We like the idea that it is an enigma, which is difficult to explain. It is an enveloping space that melts, disappears, almost a labyrinth. Between materiality and conformation, a whole series of organic movements is created. Shadows, transparencies, and a watery presence, nebular,” explains Architect Llimona.