SS 2019-SS 2020 Colour Observations: Yellow

Trend colour directions

In this month’s post we explore the evolution of yellow from SS 2019 through to SS 2020.

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As part of our seasonal forecast we plot the colours from our trend palettes into their respective colour groups in the colour wheel. This reordering highlights the key interactions and trend colour directions.


SS 2019

For SS 2019 we forecast that yellows would shift towards the zestier undertones indicating a change to their function within trend palettes. A green tinged neon yellow is key, with its acidic sharpness drawing the eye especially in combination with more shaded reds, blues and greens.

We also noted that softer browns would see significant growth with a set of dark, mid and light grounding neutrals.

John Lewis

AW 2019/20

Moving into Autumn Winter 2019/20, we forecast a reduced spectrum of yellows, although significant key tones remain. Deep yellow based browns continue, while lighter shades are reduced to nearly neutrals, there is a heritage aspect to the group. The highlights are a saturated ochre and sunshine yellow adding vibrancy to palettes.

Weez & Merl

SS 2020

As we look towards Spring Summer 2020, while there is a continuing overall reduction in yellow based colours, there are still key hues across dark, mid and light tones. A dark walnut brown, an off-white, and a heritage mid-tone sandstone; familiar and warming, these more yellow based neutrals act as versatile foundations, delivering a balance with cooler blue-based neutrals. A green based old gold and sunny egg yolk stand out as diverse yellow accent colours.

Each month on our blog we’ll be sharing more insights into our SS 2020 forecasts. Our latest colour forecasts for AW 2020/21 are available in MIX Magazine issues 54 and 55, or as part of Colour Hive Membership.

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