SS 2019-SS 2020: Colour Observations

New series: SS 2019-SS 2020 Trend Colour Insight

Beneath the trend palettes

Beneath the concepts and trend colour palettes of our seasonal trend forecasts lies another level of colour analysis.

Analysis vs intuition

With Colour Hive’s 20+ years of colour tracking data as a foundation, and our expertise when it comes to colour evolution, each season is an exercise balancing analysis with intuition.

Trend colour evolution

In this new monthly series, we’ll be sharing the significant movements in key colour groups for SS 2020, how they develop, diversify or diminish. If this is something that you don’t want to miss, sign up to our newsletter.

The complete forecast for SS 2020 is in MIX Magazine issues 52 and 53, and AW 2020/21 is available now in issues 54 and 55.

All are available as subscriptions, or as part of Colour Hive Membership.