Retroflow Analysis: Navy Blue

Colour Trends

This dark navy was an important and strong selling element of our 2017/18 colour palette and its popularity has ensured that moving into 2018 there is more navy to come, albeit with the addition of a little green.

Moving further forward, navy’s popularity will be replaced with mid blues but this colour’s sheer versatility ensures that it is never away for very long. This particular navy from Grace (Autumn Winter 2017/18) works really well for soft furnishings, as can be seen with Cophenhagen design house New Work’s Covent chair with its slim iron black frame and floating cocoon of soft fabric, or Gubi’s classic Grand Piano sofa, with its almost Victorian chaise profile in a rich plush navy velvet.

Finally, and fitting neatly in with our trend Grace’s aesthetic, The National Trust’s Bohemian Circles collection shows how navy can also be used effectively as a neutral ground for bolder, more eclectic colour groupings.