Retroflow Analysis: Earth-based Brown

MIX Magazine: Colour Forecast

Molteni & C Heritage Collection

Taken from our trend Ground (SS2017) and inspired by raw pigments extracted from the earth, as well as clearly referencing the importance of raw texture and natural materials, this particular brown did well during the first raft of the year’s design shows, with a strong showing in ceramics, as seen at Everything is Connected and the work of Andrea Muribø and Ann Kristin Einarsen. Moving forward we see the more earth based shades moving into oranges by the end of the year. Interesting too was the combination of softer browns with the more red based browns in the palette, as seen at Molteni & C’s Heritage collection, a celebration of the beauty of wood. We see darker browns adopting a hint of red and purple into 2018, along with dense blackened browns making an impact into 2019.



Everything is Connected. Photo: Lasse Fløde Pudder