Editor’s Pick: Non-colour

Gender Neutral Colour

At Six Hotel. Photo: Andy Liffner

It may seem counter-intuitive for colour experts to talk about non-colour, but in our trend X-ray, (SS2017) ideas around a clean palette with a stripped back aesthetic were comprehensively explored. The notion that a palette can walk a line between colour and non-colour is not a new one; everyone knows on an instinctive level that the intensity of a colour can be further heightened with the judicious use of the right neutral. What is perhaps more interesting is the growing importance of these non-colours as a way of removing gender from the agenda. These neutral palettes are becoming increasingly desirable in the West, partly because of heightened levels of debate about gender assigned colour, but also because, anecdotally at least, men are increasingly joining women on the hedonic treadmill when it comes to furnishing interiors.


MIX Magazine: Xray Colour Proportions

Then there’s the appeal of reducing visual noise and a sort of stealth luxe that comes with palettes that whisper at you rather than shout. And, the final kicker, non-colour, by its very nature, has great longevity, hence its popularity in the hotel trade (see the recently opened At Six Hotel in Stockholm for a master class in how to do non-colour well). You can understand the appeal; nothing dates swifter than an ill considered purple in a hotel lobby. For those that can’t cope with the chaos of the current maximalist palettes on offer, these controlled anonymous palettes are the perfect solution.



At Six Hotel. Photo: Andy Liffner