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Who we are

Colour Hive is a London based creative agency with 19 years of experience in trend and colour forecasting. Our global and regional trend and colour expertise are at the centre of our work in developing bespoke strategy, content and marketing for our clients. We are the creators and publishers of MIX Magazine, a quarterly forecasting publication for design and colour professionals. The images you see here have been created by Colour Hive for MIX Magazine.

What we do

Our macro trend drivers and global forecasts are defined through a bi-annual panel meeting of design influencers and experts. The accuracy and business value of our forecasts is strengthened by further geographic analysis of the colour and trend nuances within each region. We conclude with a review panel of industry experts to define the real-world applications of the colours and trends. This process forms the basis of our consultancy with clients across the design industry.

Trend forecasting & analysis

Trend forecasting involves the collection and analysis of the social, economic, political, environmental and technological influences that will drive future trends. In a competitive environment, we have a proven track record in identifying the trends and outcomes that will inform your brand direction and product development.

Our services include

Bespoke trend panels

Trend design and creation

Industry trend reports

Colour forecasting & analysis

Colour plays a vital role in the success of a brand or product. At Colour Hive we not only forecast colour trends two years ahead of season, but track their global and regional usage, trajectory and longevity to offer unrivalled expertise in colour consultancy.

Our services include

Product colour direction

Colour collection analysis

Industry colour reports

Colour & material design

We are passionate about how surface and materials work in partnership with colour to create new design outcomes. As part of our trend forecasting we identify the colours and surfaces that reflect the direction of consumer trends with an expert understanding of real-world application.

Our services include

Colour collection creation

Material direction

Bespoke colour and material trends

Art direction, photography & curation

As the creators of MIX Magazine with our own in-house stylists and original photography, we are masters of the visual message. With expertise in art direction of brand showcases to curating exhibitions, we offer an extra dimension to trend visualisation and communication.

Our services include

MIX Magazine image archive

Still life styling


Trend and colour concepts

Trend installations

Exhibition curation


To make sure your brand and product gain and maintain the recognition they deserve, we believe inspirational, relevant and regular communication with the customer is key. Our experience in engaging design and creative copywriting will support you in delivering your message.

Our services include

Social media content

Newsletter design and content

Creative copywriting

MIX Magazine image archive

Branding & graphic design

Beautiful presentation is an integral part of conveying your design values. We have augmented our global colour and forecasting expertise with the creation of award winning bespoke graphic and branding design to enhance your brand message and communicate effectively to your customer.

Our services include

Print & digital design

Branding & identity design

Colour branding

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