Colour Hive is a London based creative agency recognised internationally for its accurate colour and trend forecasting solutions for the design industry.

Colour Hive – About

About us

Colour Hive was formerly known as Global Color Research. The same London-based team is now working in a new partnership with The Duha Group, allowing Colour Hive to reach customers around the World as well as expanding services even further.

Our approach

Our aim is to provide companies with precise information on colour management, consumer trends and material developments in order to guarantee a position well ahead of the competition. We deliver inspirational and innovative concepts that can be integrated into product development processes, marketing and branding strategies.

Trend Forecasting

Colour Hive forecasts its trend predictions well into the future rather than scouting for ideas already on the high street. This gives our clients the competitive advantage to work with primary source information. Our method of research enables us to formulate the right trends at the right time, enabling companies to keep on track, streamline and create focused product ranges.

With this business approach, Colour Hive has helped their customers to cut costs in the development process, add brand value and meet consumer needs and desires, giving them a competitive edge on other brands.

Since our inception we have inspired many companies to become more confident with the use of colour and materials, we have taught professionals to learn how to use colour forecasting information and helped students to understand the importance of design and consumer needs.

Through trend forecasting we have helped our clients to strategise and understand the inspirational process, preparing for future changes in the market.